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If the nuclear family has failed, what comes next? (interview)

February 13, 2020

Washington Post
Everything you think you know about single people is wrong
February 8, 2016


Washington Post
“I’m better off single. You might be, too.”
September 24, 2015


Washington Post
“When raising kids, how much does a spouse matter?”
October 9, 2015


Washington Post
Meet the woman who created a Craigslist for single moms
November 9, 2015


Washington Post
More Americans are dining and traveling alone. Here’s why.
December 8, 2015



New York Times
“A new American experiment,”
February 13, 2012


The Guardian
“Discrimination against single parents has vast implications for their children,”
March 13, 2015


Time Magazine
Forum on the stigmatizing of women who do not have kids
March 13, 2015


Families of choice are remaking America
March 3, 2016


Cohousing Association of The US
The best morning coffee in the world: Bellingham cohousing
August 10, 2015


Science of Relationships
Mythbusting singleness with Dr. Bella DePaulo
October 15, 2015



Sharing Housing
Maggie Kuhn, advocate for sharing housing
October 5, 2015


The Society Pages, Council on Contemporary Families
The way we live now: Intentionally with others, joyously alone
November 16, 2015

Breaking all the rules: Lifespaces for the 21st century
November 19, 2015



4 ways Americans live now that totally upend how we define ‘home’ and ‘family’ (Excerpts from “How We Live Now”)
August 12, 2015


America is no longer a nation of nuclear families
June 30, 2015


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