Singles in the Workplace

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Are single people treated unfairly in the workplace? Here are some of my writings on this topic and other issues related to single people and their work and careers.


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How single women get devalued in the workplace because they are single women (by Joan DelFattore)

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 Singles value meaningful work – and did so even in high school


Singlism cover


Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It


Singles in the Workplace: Issues, Values, and Action

Questions about singles in the workplace are coming up more and more often. That’s a good thing. For too long, conversations about the workplace, and about achieving “balance,” have focused on people who are married with children.

Here, I have put together a collection of links to various discussions (mostly mine) of singles in the workplace. There are four sections: two on the issues facing singles in the workplace, one on single people’s values, and one on possible actions that can be taken to create better workplaces for single people.


Fantasies about Supporting Single People and Singles Advocacy

Writing about singles has been an enormously meaningful experience, but it has not been a lucrative one. I’ve had fantasies about making a mint on Singled Out or Singlism or from blogging. Not gonna happen.

What I fantasized about is not stuff like buying a yacht or traveling around the world. What I really wish I could do is support single people and singles activism and advocacy. So here I’d like to share some of my starry-eyed ideas that will never come to fruition from my meager royalties or paychecks. I hope you will add some of your own.

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SINGLISM Is Published!

“All Things Single” readers, I’m blogging to you first. My new book, Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matterse, and How to Stop It – written together with 28 other contributors – is now available. You can get it here at Amazon, though as I write this, Amazon has not yet added the description of the book. (They build book pages one or two sections at a time.) You can also get the paperback here, at the book’s own page, where the description does show up.