Singles in the Workplace

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Are single people treated unfairly in the workplace? Here are some of my writings on this topic and other issues related to single people and their work and careers.


 Single workers aren’t there to pick up the slack for their married bosses and colleagues

 Best story I’ve ever read on singlism in the workplace

 The many ways singles are treated unfairly at work

 When getting to work from home is someone else’s judgment call, will singles be disadvantaged?

 Singles have fewer benefits than married couples — but are slowly gaining more

 Why it is unfair to expect single people to cover for everyone else at work

 Married workers heading out early and singles staying late

 Some bosses think it is fine to pay single people less than their married coworkers

How single women get devalued in the workplace because they are single women (by Joan DelFattore)

 Married mother has different view of singlism, matrimania

 Creating a singles-friendly workplace: How would you do it?

 Enlighten your workplace: From speaking out to buying an office kid

 Do co-workers and bosses expect you, single person, to cover for everyone else over the holidays?


 Sabbaticals for singles?

 Changing Careers: Is It Different for Singles?

 Making it on your own: Are these successful entrepreneurs single at heart?

 Not just money: Why older singles want to keep working

 Singles value meaningful work – and did so even in high school


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Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It


Doing Research and Teaching on Single People: How and Why

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People who are not married comprise about half of all American adults, yet their lives are vastly under-represented in teaching and research. Here are some articles about that.

Singles Studies: Global Perspectives (my keynote address)

What are college students taught about people who are single?

Make room for singles in teaching and research (with Kay Trimberger and Rachel Moran)

In a college course on great books, students get extra credit for going on a date

Where are our singles studies programs?

Singlism cover

Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It

Want to Join the Community of Single People?

Henri Matisse, Jazz, XII The Swimmer in the PoolAll sorts of people get in touch with me, hoping that I can put them in touch with other single people who want to live their single lives fully (and not just escape them). Others want me to point them to helpful resources. A few of the many examples are listed below in the next section, “What Are People Looking For?”

Every time I get one of those requests, I try to generate names or resources offhand. That’s not very efficient. Plus, I only know a very tiny fraction of the single people (or scholars of single people or professionals who work with single people) who might be interested in helping out or who might also want to be in touch with other single people (for friendship, discussion, workshops, or just about anything else except dating).

So, for anyone who is interested, I would like to start a Community of Single People. I want to know who you are so I can connect you with interested parties (as described below). Once the Community is launched, however, members who want to do more with the community can also use it in other ways (for example, to discuss on Facebook anything that interests them).


It Is Happening – Please Share Your Thoughts!

What’s happening? Two things – National Singles Week (Sunday September 18 – Saturday September 24) and the new website that will aggregate feeds from enlightened singles blogs, provide resources, and more. I’d love to have a few words of wisdom from readers to include in a blog post to run during Singles Week, and I welcome one more round of feedback on the name and contents of the new site.