The Elephant in Your Therapy Room Is Trump, and Even Your Therapist Is Talking about Him

“My psychoanalyst said that he had never before had every one of his patients discuss national politics repeatedly, in session after session.” –Andrew Solomon, Preventable Tragedies

Over at Psych Today, I wrote a long, off-topic blog post on an amazing special issue of the Journal of Clinical Psychology on what Trump is doing to therapy. I know the word “unprecedented” is bandied about a little too often these days, but really, what is happening may well be unprecedented.


Clicks for Causes, Amazon Associates, and a Tiny Bit of Easy Income

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Apologies for the spammers posting fake comments

If you have signed up to get notified of all comments posted here, I apologize for all the spam comments that have been posted in the last day or so. I’ve just switched the settings so that I have to approve all comments before they are posted. That means it will take a little longer for your legitimate comments to show up (I’m sorry about that) but at least you won’t be getting all this junk.

Hope those of you celebrating Thanksgiving enjoyed the holiday. Here’s what I posted about it over at Living Single.

Dexter Director Wins an Emmy, and You Can Win a Book

[UPDATE:  Thanks to, the 3 winners of the Dexter book have now been selected. Look at the 3 comments posted by me on 9/07/2010  to see if you are named as a winner. Thanks, everyone, for your interest. Also, check out this new post about Dexter and the loner stereotype.]

It’s true. A TV show about a serial killer is one of my favorite shows of all time. Dexter is the killer, but lest you think I’m a monster for adoring him (maybe you’re not familiar with the show?), let me hasten to add that Dexter only kills those who deserve it. They are the truly evil criminals who outsmarted everyone else or got off on technicalities.


Trained in Psychology and Proud of It

It is SO easy to make fun of psychology majors and people trained in psychology. There’s all the jargon of the academic researchers and the apparent obviousness of some of our findings. Then there’s the stereotype (and sometimes reality) of the touchy-feely clinicians. And it is not as if we typically walk into jobs paying the big bucks.

A funny thing happened, though, when I served on a university promotion and tenure committee many years ago. On this very high-powered committee of scholars from all different departments, evaluating the scholarship of academics from across the university, I felt proud of my training in psychology.