What Single People Celebrate in Their Lives

Most of the milestones that are routinely celebrated honor the lives of people who are married with children. Weddings, wedding showers, and baby showers are the most obvious. Single people who have no kids have all sorts of feelings about this, but even the most open-hearted single person can begin to feel a bit weary (and broke) when they are asked to pony up for couples and their children, sometimes the same ones over and over again, while the important milestones in their own lives go unrecognized.


How Singles Are Celebrated and Stereotyped and Shamed

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Single people are routinely stereotyped, stigmatized, and ignored, as I highlighted in the subtitle of my book, Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After. They are also shamed. Here are some examples of that. Happily, as the number of single people grows and as more people spend more years of their lives not married, single people are sometimes celebrated, too. This collection also includes examples of ways in which single people are celebrated.


Single for the Holidays – with Attitude!

party-hat-216147_640Matrimania – the over-the-top hyping of marriage, weddings, and couples – is pervasive every day of the year, but it really gets ramped up over the holidays. So does singlism – the stereotyping, stigmatizing, and discrimination against people who are single. Pitying single people practically becomes a national sport.

Here is my collection of writings on being single for the holidays. Don’t expect any singles-pity. But you may find the tables turned on those kinds of emotional practices. Enjoy!