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[UPDATE:  The subscribe RSS should now be working and the comments should be posting automatically.]

Thanks, everyone, for all the kind comments you’ve been sending me about this new blog and website! Much appreciated.

There does seem to be one problem so far, with the “Subscribe to my blog, entries RSS” option. It works for some people and not for others. (Even I am in the latter category!) My web wizard will take a look at it late-night tonight, so hopefully it will be fixed by tomorrow. Sorry for the inconvenience. The option to subscribe to comments seems to be working for everyone.

Apparently, comments are moderated, so I need to approve them before they appear, meaning they won’t show up instantaneously. Not sure if I can set the option to let them appear immediately — I know that opens the site to spammers.

Thanks for your patience with your tech-challenged blogger.

Trained in Psychology and Proud of It

It is SO easy to make fun of psychology majors and people trained in psychology. There’s all the jargon of the academic researchers and the apparent obviousness of some of our findings. Then there’s the stereotype (and sometimes reality) of the touchy-feely clinicians. And it is not as if we typically walk into jobs paying the big bucks.

A funny thing happened, though, when I served on a university promotion and tenure committee many years ago. On this very high-powered committee of scholars from all different departments, evaluating the scholarship of academics from across the university, I felt proud of my training in psychology.

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I have Never Had Kids, and This is Not Why

There are times when certain topics seem to be in the air, even with no obvious hook from the world of news or entertainment to hang them on. Lately, I’ve received a number of emails from people who don’t have children. Some don’t want kids and are annoyed when relatives or new acquaintances assume that they do. (Friends usually know better.) Other people have written to tell me that they would love to have kids, but don’t know if it will ever happen. Their issues are different from those of the people who don’t want kids.

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Welcome to “Liars and their Lies”

This is the first post to the section of my blog on “Liars and their Lies.” I’ve been studying and writing about the social psychology of lying and detecting lies for decades. I’ve looked into a vast array of topics related to deception, including the lies people tell in their everyday lives, the more serious lies they tell to others and that others try to tell them, and the ways that people finesse the truth when a totally honest answer would be hurtful. I’ve tried to understand how ordinary people – people who care about honesty and have a sense of morality – can end up telling extraordinary lies.
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