Now that solo living is becoming increasingly popular around the world, we know much more about it than we did before. Below is what I have written on the topic so far. You may also want to take a look at the chapter on living alone in How We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century.

Living Alone: The Basics

More people around the world are living alone

Living alone: Can you? Do you want to?

The living arrangement that is the new normal: Do you know what it is?

Living alone: 12 things you didn’t know

Myth buster: How Going Solo takes lonely out of alone

This book will change our lives

Tasty myth-busting from the new “Going Solo” book

Over time, are more people sharing housing or are more people living alone?

Where in the world do people live alone?

Do people who live alone spend the most time alone?

What We Get Out of Living Alone

Is living alone the unlikely answer to loneliness?

Alone: What is it good for?

Best things about living alone — for people who mean it

How living alone will transform men

Is it healthier to live with someone?

Is a solitary life a shorter life? Results of a big, new review

The least appreciated perk of living alone

Not monitored, not judged – one of the true joys of living solo?

The rarely recognized route into the black middle class: Staying single and living alone

(Also see this collection of articles on solitude)

Implications for Society of the Rise of Solo Living

What needs to change now that so many people live alone

Living alone is a sign of success – for the individual and for society

Millions living alone: The result of centuries of growing individualism?

Have single people stuck a nail in the coffin of the suburbs?

Are Americans becoming more and more isolated?

The end of marriage

What needs to change now that so many people are living alone

Who Is Good at Living Alone?

The happy loner

5 reasons why so many women love living alone

Most can’t stand to be alone with their thoughts – can you?

When isolated people are not lonely and connected people are

Just how alone do you want to be?

Living Alone in Later Life

Women are twice as likely to live alone in later life

Will you get to choose whether to live on your own? (seniors)

Aging on your own: 5 things you may not know

If you are single, will you grow old alone? Results from 6 nations

Older people living alone: What’s the one way men do better than women?

The ultimate threat to single people: You’ll die alone

Living Alone: Backlash and Mockery

Single People and People Living Alone Aren’t to Blame for the Loneliness Epidemic

Stop the good presses! The backlash against living alone has begun

Is a solitary life a shorter life? Results of a big new review

10 supposedly quirky behaviors of people who live alone

If you live alone, have you made a virtue of selfishness?

How many rooms is a single person allowed to have?

Do fretful discussions of living alone drive you mad?

The loneliness panic

Living Alone: Some Other Topics and Themes

Time alone saps the willpower of people who are neurotic

Getting around: How people who live alone do it

The real juggling act: Living alone, working full time, and waiting for repair and service people to show up

Is your ideal living situation different at different points in your life?

Who is the true avatar of the lonely crowd – the single person or the couple?

Did you miss the debate shout-out to living alone?

Finland hosts an education day about people who live alone

Celebrations of Finland’s success leave one big group behind

The Dylan Ratigan Show briefly puts matrimania on pause to acknowledge solo living

Rolling Stone’s top 10 songs for living on your own

The secret to balancing time alone and time together?

How do you manage to do everything when you live alone?

Why alone is not the same as lonely

(Also check out this collection of articles on solitude)

Bella DePaulo New Book How We Live Now

How We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st Century

Alone: The badass psychology of people who like being alone

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