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In Singled Out, I devoted a chapter to debunking the myth that the children of single parents are doomed. I described various studies and showed how the results are exaggerated or misrepresented. I also reviewed studies inconsistent with the doom-and-gloom narrative; they, unfortunately, get little media attention.

New studies have been published since then, so I have continued to address the topic. There is also lots of panic around single parenting and some overwrought media stories and political proclamations. I’ve critiqued those, too.

In 2015, I put together a collection of my writings in Single Parents and Their Children: The Good News No One Ever Tells You.

Below are some articles I have written about single parents and their kids. There are also relevant sections in Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It. (Paperback is here; ebook is here.) The Bedford Reader has included an adapted version of my Singled Out chapter on the children of single parents in each of the past two editions.

Enough with the Myth of the Doomed Kids and the Bashing of Single Parents; Let’s Have Some Facts

The Children Are Listening — and They Are Getting Stigmatized, Too

The Media Piles On – and Gets It Wrong

The Politics of Single Parenting

The Big Picture

Also Relevant

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