Recently, my friend and colleague Wendy Morris sent me the picture of this billboard.  (In case the words are hard to see, it says, “Married people earn more money.”) Wendy is a terrific singles scholar and she is providing guidance to the next generation of researchers. One of her students, Kate Maloney, first noticed the billboard. (Thanks, Kate and Wendy!) Kate was offended by the crass message that people should marry for money. Wendy objected to the discrimination that factors into married people’s greater haul.

What interested me was both of those points and one other – I’ve been hearing about posters and billboards like this for years. In 2008, for example, Nancy Polikoff told me about the ones she had been noticing, and I wrote about the issue in the post, “The marriage-promotion claim that is right — for all the wrong reasons.”

I look forward to hearing your own analyses of this billboard – another in the series of pictures of singlism.

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