[UPDATE:  Thanks to Random.org, the 3 winners of the Dexter book have now been selected. Look at the 3 comments posted by me on 9/07/2010  to see if you are named as a winner. Thanks, everyone, for your interest. Also, check out this new post about Dexter and the loner stereotype.]

It’s true. A TV show about a serial killer is one of my favorite shows of all time. Dexter is the killer, but lest you think I’m a monster for adoring him (maybe you’re not familiar with the show?), let me hasten to add that Dexter only kills those who deserve it. They are the truly evil criminals who outsmarted everyone else or got off on technicalities.

A new book, The Psychology of Dexter, was just published. It includes 18 chapters by clinical psychologists, neuroscientists, forensic psychologists, organizational psychologists, social psychologists, biopsychologists, criminologists, cognitive psychologists, and creative writers. I can’t vouch for my own chapters (the introduction and the one on deception), but all the others are great reads.

I wrote about the book in Dexter the Amiable Serial Killer: PT Bloggers and Other Experts Show their Love. That post includes some sneak previews from a number of the contributors.

Want a chance to win a copy of the book? If so, post a comment here that says something like “I want Dexter.” On the afternoon of Tuesday September 7 (which was supposed to be the official pub date for the book, but it is already available on Amazon and probably elsewhere), I’ll get out my random numbers generator to pick the 3 winners. The book will be sent to you from the publisher (Smart Pop Books, an imprint of BenBella Books).


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