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Washington Post
Everything you think you know about single people is wrong
February 8, 2016


Washington Post
I’ve been single all my life. I rarely get lonely.
February 19, 2016


Washington Post
“I’m better off single. You might be, too.”
September 24, 2015


Washington Post
What do singles need more than a mate? Community.
May 18, 2016


Washington Post
What has changed for single Americans in the past decade?
September 20, 2016


Washington Post
“When raising kids, how much does a spouse matter?”
October 9, 2015


Washington Post
Meet the woman who created a Craigslist for single moms
November 9, 2015


Washington Post
Singles have fewer benefits than married couples — but are slowly gaining more
March 16, 2016


Washington Post
More Americans are dining and traveling alone. Here’s why.
December 8, 2015


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Time magazine, Forum on the stigmatizing of women who do not have kids, April 11, 2015

Quartz, “America is no longer a nation of nuclear families,” June 30, 2015

Truthout, “Do You, Married Person, Take These Unearned Privileges, For Better or For Better?”, January 14, 2015 (with Rachel Buddeberg)

Newsday, “Living Single, Seeing Double,” November 21, 2004

San Francisco Chronicle, “Single Americans Are Hardly Flying Solo,” January 14, 2007 (with Kay Trimberger)

Chronicle of Higher Education, “Make Room for Singles in Teaching and Research,” September 28, 2007 (with Rachel F. Moran and Kay Trimberger)

Forbes, “Yes, there is a single demographic,” December 22, 2008


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