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TEDX talk

What no one ever told you about people who are single
By Bella DePaulo
March 25, 2017

Atlantic magazine (cover story)

What, me marry?
All the single ladies
By Kate Bolick
November 2011
The story describes Bella DePaulo as “America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience.”

Atlantic magazine

The hidden costs of living alone
By Joe Pinsker
October 20, 2021

Atlantic magazine

If the nuclear family has failed, what comes next?
(This is an interview with Bella DePaulo about a cover story by David Brooks)
By Joe Pinsker
February 13, 2020

Atlantic magazine

What you lose when you gain a spouse
By Mandy Len Catron
July 2, 2019

Atlantic magazine

Singles and couples are more divided than ever
By Ginny Hogan
May 19, 2020

Atlantic magazine

The high price of being single in America
By Lisa Arnold and Christina Campbell
January 14, 2013

Atlantic magazine

Eight parents, one shower
By Alana Semuels
August 1, 2016

Atlantic magazine

The hot new millennial housing trend is a repeat of the Middle Ages
By Ilana E. Strauss
September 26, 2016

Atlantic magazine

The secret to happiness: Marriage and a short commute?
By Jake Simpson
March 30, 2010

Atlantic magazine

The idea of marriage is rapidly changing
By Erik Hayden
November 20, 2010

Atlantic magazine

The pursuit of happiness
The Daily Dish, by Andrew Sullivan
March 30, 2010

Ted Ideas Blog

The price of being single: One researcher’s quest to end discrimination against single people
By Jessica Gross
October 21, 2015

New York Times

On eating alone in Paris
By Stephanie Rosenbloom
May 30, 2018

New York Times

By Natalie Angier
November 25, 2013

New York Times

Zeroing in on the female traveler
By Stephanie Rosenbloom
July 31, 2014

New York Times

Singled Out (for the Single Supplement)
By Stephanie Rosenbloom
March 8, 2013

New York Times

A Confederacy of Bachelors
By Hilary Howard
August 3, 2012

New York Times

What the Single Ladies Have Wanted for More Than a Century
By Anna North
April 24, 2015

New York Times

The appeal of alone time for the over 50 crowd
By Vicki Larson
July 6, 2015

New York Times

One singular sensation
By Gail Collins
December 4, 2008

New York Times

In a married world, singles struggle for attention
By Tara Parker-Pope
September 19, 2011

New York Times

The marrying kind: Born or made?
By Pamela Paul
January 14, 2011

New York Times

Line up, children, single file
By Alyson Krueger
January 30, 2015

New York Times

What are friends for? A longer life
By Tara Parker-Pope
April 21, 2009

New York Times

Rendell on Napolitano’s ‘no life’
By Sarah Wheaton
December 4, 2008

New York Times

A guide to embracing life as a single.
By Andrew Adam Newman
December 31, 2007

New York Times

Just say no to the dating industry.
By Kate Zernike
November 30, 2003

New York Times

Bob, meet Jane. And give me the details.
By Warren St. John
December 22, 2002

New York Times

There’s community and consensus. But it’s no commune.
By Tom Verde
January 20, 2018

Associated Press

Rise in singles, who face economic costs
By Mike Schneider
October 5, 2021

Always single, happy that way
By Leanne Italie
May 26, 2010

The Wall Street Journal

What do single people want now?
By Elizabeth Bernstein
November 15, 2022

Single life and the coronavirus
By Ray A. Smith
April 5, 2020

The art of being single
By Elizabeth Bernstein
March 19, 2019

Why marriage won’t cut your medical bills
By Elizabeth O’Brien
February 13, 2014

Janet Napolitano and the persistence of ‘singlism’
By Sue Shellenbarger
December 5, 2008

USA Today

Many singles looking for love, but not marriage
By Sharon Jayson
Febuary 1, 2012

USA Today

Free as a bird and loving it.
By Sharon Jayson
April 12, 2007

Washington Post Magazine (cover story)

The single life
By Ellen McCarthy
Febuary 12, 2012

Boston Magazine (cover story)

Single by choice
By Janelle Nanos
January, 2012

Christian Science Monitor (cover story)

Singles nation: Why so many Americans are unmarried
By Stephanie Hanes
June 14, 2015

Boston Globe

Marriage equality is great. Now how about equality for singles?
By James Lopata
May 14, 2015

Women without men (are doing just fine, thank you)
By Alysia Abbott
March 8, 2017

Washington Post

Singles say they’re better prepared to self-quarantine
By Joan DelFattore
April 11, 2020

Washington Post

Developers, tenants move past awe of single living.
By Denise Kersten
February 1, 2003

Washington Post

Why more and more people are making plans to dine out alone
By Becky Krystal
October 27, 2015

Irish Times

‘I’m 63 and I’ve been single my whole life’
By Tanya Sweeney
August 29, 2017

The Times of London Magazine

The rise of the alpha single
By Hattie Crisell
March 17, 2018

The Globe and Mail

People living alone during COVID-19 adapt to life with limited in-person interaction
By Zosia Bielski
January 1, 2021

New Jersey Star-Ledger

Protecting the rights of single people
Editorial page
Interview by Julie O’Connor
October 12, 2011

Columbia News Service

Alone no more, singles fight for their rights.
By Liz Kim
December 12, 2006

The McClatchy Company

The politics of parking an adult at the kids’ table
By Emilie Le Beau
November 18, 2006

Los Angeles Times

Unattached, thank you, and loving it.
By Martin Miller
September 2, 2004

Would Peggy Olson make it in 2013’s workplace?

By Alexandra Le Tellier
June 25, 2013

Singles, unite! Mag targets the affluent
By Alana Semuels
December 29, 2008


Chicago Tribune

Marriage? Let me think about it.
By Alexia Elejalde-Ruiz
August 16, 2011

5 things we learned from Singled Out.
By Anne E. Stein
December 30, 2007

New York Post

‘Friends’ in real life: why young couples move into their buddies’ buildings
By Zachary Kussin
March 18, 2017


Stay single to avoid somebody else’s money mess
By Chris Taylor
February 1, 2017

The Star

The worst question you can ask your single friends
By Sofi Papamarko
March 6, 2017

ABC Good Morning America

Kamala Harris’ late-in-love story an example of changing trend
By Katie Kindelan
February 12, 2021


(Story on singles and longevity)
By Joan Raymond
August 18, 2011
Watch out, singles! Once again, you are doomed to early grave by cheater technique


The younger women at the highest risk for health problems later in life
By Amy Capetta
May 19, 2015

New York Magazine

Marriage equality is a win for single people, too
By Rebecca Traister
June 26, 2015

The new science of single people
By Jesse Singal
August 16, 2016

There’s a word for the assumption that everybody should be in a relationship
By Drake Baer
March 8, 2017

Andrew Cuomo’s new promise to women: Infertility protection
By Rebecca Traister
April 19, 2017

What if marriage is overrated?
By Jesse Singal
May 12, 2017

Married people used to be healthier — but not anymore
By Olivia Campbell
July 21, 2017


Just one? A girl’s guide to going solo
By Jen Doll
July, 2013

Please stop shaming me for being single
By Julie Vadnal
November 28, 2015

Are Breakups Contagious?
By Julia Pugachevsky
March 19, 2018

Huffington Post

If you feel bad about being single, it’s not because you’re single
By Rebecca Adams
May 1, 2014

Why so many of us want to be single after 50
By Xenia Taliotis
January 16, 2015

9 things single women want their married friends to understand
By Ann Brenoff
August 27, 2015

Research says single people – wait for it – live rich, meaningful lives
(Shared on Facebook more than 50,000 times)
By Catherine Pearson
August 5, 2016


The children of gay parents, like all kids, need more than their parents can provide
By John Culhane
September 28, 2016


A psychologist reveals the benefits of being single that we’ve all accidentally ignored
By James Gaines
August 5, 2016


Meet the people who want to be single forever
By Lauren Feinstein
September 17, 2016

Daily Beast

Singled Out: Are unmarried people discriminated against?
By Maura Kelly
February 6, 2012


Single and loving it, even during the holidays
By Sarah Elizabeth Richards
December 23, 2009

Daily Beast/Newsweek

Where have all the babies gone?
By Joel Kotkin and Harry Siegel
February 19, 2013


How to Stay Married
By Belinda Luscombe
June 2, 2016


Are Gay Relationships Different?
By John Cloud
January 28, 2008


Americans still love marriage. But why?
By John Cloud
February 19, 2007

The Economist

By Sally Davies
August 25-31, 2012

The Nation

I never felt like a ‘single’ parent. Then the coronavirus hit
By Dani McClain
April 8, 2020

The Diana/Whore Complex
By Lakshmi Chaudhry
August 27, 2007

The Week

‘Singlism’: Do only married people have lives?
December 19, 2008

Work: A bias in office flexibility
June 26, 2013

Marie Claire

The single girl’s second shift
By Ayana Byrd
June 18, 2013

Psychology Today

Salud to singletons
By Carlin Flora
November/December 2008

Lone stars.
By Jillian Straus
May/June 2006


Fifty shades of 50
By Lisa DePaulo
November, 2012

Healthy Orbit

Single people earn less money
By John Hopton
November 2, 2015

Are some people just born to be single?
By John Hopton
November 3, 2015

AARP Magazine

The secret lives of single women.
By Sarah Mahoney
May & June 2006

AARP Bulletin

Sharing home sweet home
By Sally Abrahms
June 2013


Why millennials return to the nest? They like living with parents
By Mary W. Quigley
November 16, 2015

Realtor Magazine

Bella DePaulo: Singles really want…
By Wendy Cole
January / February 2013


Why are millennials so obsessed with their nieces and nephews?
By Cory Stieg
April 10, 2018

Business Week

Unmarried America.(cover story)
By Michelle Conlin
October 20, 2003

U. S. News & World Report

50 ways to improve your life.
By Linda Kuhlman
December 27, 2004

Do childless employees get the shaft at work?
By Aaron Guerrero
July 17, 2013

Medical Daily

Single and proud on Valentine’s Day: Futurist predictions say single is the new black
By Susan Scutti
February 14, 2014

Business Insider

5 scientifically proven reasons it’s better to be single
By Lauren F. Friedman
February 14, 2014


Are single renters discriminated against?
By Rosemary Brennan
October 21, 2010


The new literature of female adulthood will maybe make you happier about getting older
By Marisa Meltzer
March 8, 2017

Chronicle of Higher Education

Singular mistreatment: Unmarried professors are outsiders in the Ozzie and Harriet world of academe.
By Robin Wilson
April 23, 2004



Air America Radio

The Ron Reagan Show
December 5, 2008

CBC Radio

‘One’ is a whole number, says psychologist
Mary Hynes, “Tapestry”
November 26, 2021

Piya Chattopadhyay, “Out in the Open”
November 12, 2017

Don’t pity the single ladies
Piya Chattopadhyay, “The Current”
June 7, 2019

The New Single
Josey Vogel, “Between You and Me”
July 22, 2008

The Pat Morrison Show. KPCC 89.3, NPR in Southern CA

“The decline of marriage.” Discussion with Bella DePaulo and Maggie Gallagher.
September 14, 2007

The Joy Cardin Show. Wisconsin Public Radio

The case for staying single.
February 16, 2016

NPR Columbus, Ohio

Spinsters: 21st century renegades
June 12, 2013

NPR Tell Me More with Michel Martin

Is single life something to lament or celebrate?
February 15, 2012

NPR Justice Talking

September 11, 2006

NPR On Point

August 26, 2005
December 8, 2003

NPR Talk of the Nation

Single Women Take the Lead in America
January 18, 2007

NPR Boston

Seeking Singledom
July 29, 2011

Singled Out: The cultural bias against single people
By Amy Gutman
January 26, 2015

“To the Point,” KCRW

Living alone in America
Judy Muller, guest host
August 30, 2013


The economy of single women
February 14, 2017

NPR “Academic Minute”

(Best Sociology Segment Award for 2017)
July 5, 2017


CNN Podcasts

The mysterious disappearance of love, sex, and romance
Harry Enten, “Margins of Error”
June 14, 2022

All the single ladies . . . pay more
Delyanne Barros, “Diversifying”
August 15, 2022

The Atlantic (podcast)

When partnership is not the destination
Rebecca Rashid and Olga Khazan, podcast hosts
June 13, 2022

Spinsterhood Reimagined

The one where I talk to social psychologist and author, Bella DePaulo
Lucy Meggeson, host
June 13, 2022

Dating While Gray

How to be single
Laura Stassi, host
February 14, 2022

Poll Hub, Marist Poll podcast

A thing called singlism
Mary Griffith, host
August 26, 2022

BBC Podcast

You’re doing it wrong.
March 27, 2018

American Psychological Association (podcast)

Speaking of Psychology: Living the better single life
Audrey Hamilton, Host
Recorded August 6, 2016; posted March 31, 2017

A Single Serving (podcast)

Single Really Suits Me
Shani Silver, Host
January 6, 2020

Solo: The Single Person’s Guide to a Remarkable Life (podcast)

The Science of Single Living 
Peter McGraw, Host
January 2, 2020

The Psych Central Podcast

Single and Thriving
Gabe Howard, Host
October 6, 2020

Your Atheist Pastor

Flying solo with Dr. Bella DePaulo
Interviewed by Luke King (see #39, 203)
August 27, 2017



Today Show

New movement embraces being solo in adulthood
Maria Shriver, interviewer
January 19, 2022

CBS This Morning

Ways it pays to be married, how singles pay more
By Carmen Wong Ulrich
February 14, 2012

CBS Chicago

Are unmarrieds ‘Singled Out’ for discrimination?
By Mike Parker
December 4, 2008

CNN Saturday Night

September 16, 2006

CNN American Morning

Secret prejudice against single people
By John Roberts
December 5, 2008


Video Jug (brief videos)

What are common misperceptions about single people?

What are common misperceptions about single women?

What are common misconceptions about single men?

What are common misperceptions of single parents?

Are married people happier than single people?

Are married people healthier than single people?

Do single people have shorter lives?

How does the media affect people’s perceptions of being single?



Opinion page
Conversation about discrimination against singles
July 29, 2008