Contents of “How We Live Now”

  • Not Going Nuclear: So Many Ways to Live and Love
  • 1. How We Live Now: Finding Our Place, Our Space, and Our People
  • 2. One Big Happy Family: Relatives Sharing and Caring
  • 3. One Big Happy Friendship: Housemates Go Long and Deep
  • 4. Living in a Community: From Neighbors to Friends
  • 5. Not-So-Single Parents: Finding New Kinds of Community
  • 6. The New Couples: So Happy Not Together
  • 7. Lifespaces for the New Old Age: Institutions Begone!
  • 8. There’s Nothing Sweeter than Solitude: Living Alone
  • Revolutions in Living, Now and in the Future

Bella DePaulo New Book How We Live Now

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