Surveys: “New ways of living” and “Are you single at heart?”

Please share your experiences and opinions in these two surveys:


1. Survey: New Ways of Living
People are living in lots of new ways. How about you? If you live some way other than in a household with married parents and kids (and no one else) under the same roof, I’d love to hear from you. The first question asks you to describe your living arrangement and is the only required question. Answer as many of the others as you wish. Click here to take survey


2. Survey: Are You Single at Heart?
I am trying to understand people who are – and are not – single at heart, and what makes them different. If you are interested, please participate regardless of whether you think you might be single at heart. There are 15 quick questions (multiple choice), then 3 opportunities to answer questions in your own words, then some background questions (so I can see how I’m doing on reaching a diverse sample). Click here to take survey