About those doors


Welcome to my website. Click on a door (above) and it will open and take you to the relevant section. Also notice the links to other pages (including the Contact page) at the top.

Here’s a quick preview and a note about the meaning of each door:

door: See that laundry at the top of the picture? It’s clean. In this section, you will find a conventional overview of who I am. If I’m ever tempted to post dirty laundry, it will be in the “It’s Personal” section of the BLOG page of this website.

door: Red to me means passionate. That describes my feelings as I research and write about people who are single and their place in society. In this section are overviews of my BOOKS on singles, highlights of my singles work as it appears in the media, and notes about my other writings such as my op-ed pieces, my contributions to anthologies, and my academic publications. To read my very latest thoughts about singles and single life, check out the “Singles” section of the BLOG page of this website.

door: I published my first academic paper on deception, “Telling lies,” in 1979. That’s why the deception door is old and creaky. It still has its charm, though, don’t you think? In this section, you can read about my deception BOOKS, my op-ed writing and popular writings (for example, about deception in the TV shows Dexter and House), and my academic publications. My lectures, workshops, and media appearances are also noted here.

door: There is a revolution afoot in the U.S. and beyond, but you may not have heard much about it. It is a grassroots movement in which people are creating all sorts of new ways to live. They are finding their places, their spaces, and their people. They are creating the optimal mix of time alone and time together, of sociability and solitude, for their particular needs and preferences at their particular stage of life. This is my new book project. I hope that my book, and writings by other people, will be part of a new genre I am calling “lifespace literature.” This is all rather new. That’s why the door does not lead into a well-defined room. Walk through it and who knows what you will find!

door: From the shadow (on the right) into the sunshine; that’s one way to think about a blog. Plus, I just like the picture. The blog includes sections on singles, deception, friendship, personal observations (“It’s Personal” section) and other miscellaneous topics (“Off-topic” section).