No Wedding Band? Then It’s OK to Get Killed

I just watched an episode of the TV show, Chicago Code. I wasn’t finding it all that interesting and should have just turned it off, but I got the impression that the lead character was a single woman, and she was in a high-powered position. So I thought I’d keep watching to see how she was portrayed. Jennifer Beals plays Teresa Colvin, who is the Superintendent of Police in tough, gritty Chicago. Not bad.


Did You Notice the New Yorker Line Drawings This Week?

Cover by J. J. Sempe

I actually don’t read the New Yorker only for the cartoons. I also look at the line drawings. These days, they are thematic, sometimes telling a story of sort as they amble across the pages of an issue. This week, the first drawing in the series caught my attention – it was a stick figure, on p. 26, of an adult holding a sign that said, “I’m happy to be single.”