Divorce, Widowhood, and Remarriage

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Much of my writing about single life is about people who have always been single, or about all unmarried people, regardless of whether they have always been single or have previously been married. But I do occasionally write specifically about people who are divorced and people who are widowed. Here are some of those articles, along with some writings on remarriage.


Not the Usual Story Lines about Loneliness

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In research on stereotypes of single people, my colleagues and I found that other people believe that single people are lonelier than married people, and that they become even lonelier as they get older. In fact, though, there is no evidence from longitudinal research that getting married makes people less lonely, and there is evidence that getting married makes people more insular.

Here are some of my writings on loneliness. You will not find the usual story lines about loneliness here. There are way too many misconceptions out there and it is time to debunk them.


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