What Celebrities, World Figures, and People in Politics and the Media Tell Us about Single Life

A reporter just asked me about celebrities and other people in the news. Do they have anything important to tell us about single life? I realized that over the years, I have often used the words and deeds of public figures as jumping-off points for analyses of the place of marriage and single life in contemporary society.


The Power of Platonic Touch, Part 1: Guest Blogger and Anthropologist M. J. Coreil Makes the Case for Snuggle Parties

snuggle-1, artwork credit to Kristen Reynolds

[Bella’s intro: When anthropologist M. J. Coreil shared with me her essay on snuggling with strangers, I was intrigued. Dr. Coreil makes a compelling case for the importance of distinguishing non-sexual touch from sexual touch, and she thinks that non-sexual touch, including touching with strangers, should not just be destigmatized, but widely practiced. She reminds us that massage therapy had to get past stigma and misunderstandings before it was widely accepted, and she hopes to see attitudes toward non-sexual cuddling evolve in a similar way. M. J. Coreil has attended many snuggle parties and has also hosted some cuddling parties, so she knows the topic both as an academic who has studied it and as a participant.

I published the first part of M. J. Coreil’s essay at my “Single at Heart” blog at Psych Central. Here you can find the entire essay, in four parts. If you came here from Psych Central, you can pick up the essay starting with the heading, “Platonic vs. Sexual Touch.” Thank-you, M. J. Coreil, for your thoughtful contribution.]


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