Site to Highlight All Enlightened Singles Bloggers is Now Live!

Today is a big day (at least by my standards). In the cover story of the Atlantic magazine, just posted online today, I am described as “America’s foremost thinker and writer on the single experience.” My Singled Out book is included, as is a discussion of the concept of singlism.

Today is also the official launch date of the new singles site highlighting all of the singles bloggers who write from an enlightened perspective. It is called Single with Attitude. I know it wasn’t everyone’s first choice (though it did come out on top), so I added a note to the section, ABOUT THIS SITE, acknowledging that not all of us think of ourselves as having attitude.


Resources Section of New Singles Site: Any Additions?

For the new singles site that we have been brainstorming, there will be feeds from enlightened blogs about singles (if the link doesn’t work on your browser, it is the post here at All Things Single, “Tentative list of blog feeds for new singles site”), as we’ve discussed previously, and also a section of links to various resources. The resources should be websites and such that are about living single, and not just becoming unsingle. Below are the ones I have so far. Do you have any additions? Are there some listed here that are too much about dating and such to be included?


A Table for One: Guest Post by Leslie Jones

Bella’s intro: When I write about single life, I do so from the perspective of having been single all my life. I always like hearing from others who have also lived single all their lives. But I also really appreciate hearing from those who have crossed the marital line and come back again. It is like your own personal experiment. You see how you are treated when you are single, then when you marry, then when you become single again.


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