Welcome to “Liars and their Lies”

This is the first post to the section of my blog on “Liars and their Lies.” I’ve been studying and writing about the social psychology of lying and detecting lies for decades. I’ve looked into a vast array of topics related to deception, including the lies people tell in their everyday lives, the more serious lies they tell to others and that others try to tell them, and the ways that people finesse the truth when a totally honest answer would be hurtful. I’ve tried to understand how ordinary people – people who care about honesty and have a sense of morality – can end up telling extraordinary lies.
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Welcome to “All Things Single”

I’m Bella DePaulo and this is the first post to the “All Things Single” section of my blog. Here I will talk about single life without pity or apology. Just about all aspects of single life are fair game, except dating. I have nothing against people who like to date or read about dating; I’m just challenging the myth that what singles want more than anything else is to become unsingle.
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