How Did Singles Week Happen? Guest Post by Thomas F. Coleman

Bella’s Introduction

Did you know that every year the Census Bureau issues a press release, “Facts for Features – Unmarried and Single Americans Week”? I admit I’m easily amused, but I get a thrill every time that alert from the Census Bureau appears in my inbox. All that Singles Week has come to be, with all the mentions in the media and on the blogs (including the second annual blog crawl), didn’t just happen. Someone (or lots of someones) had to work to make it happen. There were lots of people involved, but one stands out – way out – among all the others, and that person is Thomas F. Coleman. Of all of the others who helped, I would say that about, oh, 100% of them were inspired by him. I know I was.

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Singles Week 2010 Blog Crawl Starts Today!

The second annual Singles Week blog crawl starts today. The brainchild of our friends at Single Women Rule, a blog crawl is an online version of a pub crawl or museum crawl, only without the booze or the art. What you do get, though, are seven days of writings by seven different singles bloggers. Each day, one blog hosts a guest post from another blogger. We all crawl along from one site to the next, continuing our conversation and celebration all week.

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Single Girl Folk Song, with Thanks to Psyngle

If you enjoy the comments posted to this blog and to Living Single as much as I do, you probably already realize how many wonderful contributions come from Psyngle. But where has she been lately? She just emailed to let me know that she was in a terrible accident and has been hospitalized for nearly a month. If you’d like to post a message to her in the comments section, I bet she will see it when she is back online.

I was happy and not surprised at Psyngle’s report that she has received an “amazing outpouring of support” from the people who know her in the offline world and is “soooooo not alone.”

Thinking about Psyngle reminded me that I had received an email from her a while back that I’d like to share with you.

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On Not Growing Old Alone

You know that scare story about how if you are single, you will grow old alone? My fear is that I WON’T grow old alone! I don’t mean that I want to be socially isolated. Like so many other single people, I have friends and family, and I don’t expect that to change. I also don’t mean that I’m worried about not living long enough to grow old, though I do have bad longevity genes. (My mother died at 71 and my father at 64. They were married for more than four decades, so don’t blame their short lives on singlehood!)

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Next Up: Emotional Independence

In a recent post over at Living Single, I reviewed Rachel Moran’s argument that second-wave feminism had forgotten the single woman. The focus, instead, was largely on the superwoman who could “have it all” – marriage, kids, and career.

Another significant theme from Moran’s paper was the argument that activists should turn their attention to the goal of emotional independence. First-wave feminism, she noted, was about political independence. The right to vote meant that women had their own political opinions – married women weren’t “covered” by the votes of their husbands. Second-wave feminism took on economic independence. With greater opportunities in the workplace, more women could earn their own way financially.

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