Dating, Moving In, And Losing Contact with Friends?

People who are married or in a romantic relationship name about 4 people (other than their partner) they can turn to in a severe crisis. Single people name about 6. Those were the results of a not-yet-published study (that I discussed here) that inspired headlines such as “Falling in love costs you friends.”

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Special Offer, New Chapter, and Blog Crawl News

Blog crawl news first. The featured writers today were Lisa and Christina from Onely. They wrote a great post hosted by Living Single called Fun with fallacies: The rhetoric of singles-bashing. It is in the form of a screenplay, and it will give you some great ideas for come-backs, as well as some insights and a few laughs.  Tomorrow (Thursday September 23), Michelle Cove is the guest writer at The Single Filez.

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SWR Blog Crawl: Visioning a World without Singlism – Guest Post by Rachel Buddeberg

2010 Blog Crawl for National Unmarried and Single Americans Week

September 19-25, 2010

Bella’s Introduction

I’m delighted to have Rachel Buddeberg crawl over to All Things Single with this wonderfully thoughtful post. Readers of this blog and of Living Single know her well from her active participation in so many of our online discussions.  I interviewed her in her role as a single-minded change agent earlier in the year, and she also contributed the guest post, Are you sure you want to call that marriage a failure? Together, Rachel and I also put together that collection of quotes from several dozen scholars weighing in on the question of whether marriage should be a ticket to privilege. (Guess what our answer is!) Her blog is Rachel’s Musings.

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