Single and Ignored in Romania: Guest Post by Romanian Scholar Adriana Savu

[Bella’s intro: Writings on single people focus overwhelmingly on singles in the U.S. and a few other countries. I’m always hungry for more. I am so grateful to the Romanian scholar Adriana Savu for writing this important article about single people in her country – and why so they have so often been ignored.]

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Marriage Fundamentalism Is a Threat to the Dignity and Well-Being of Single People and Their Families

Do you know what “marriage fundamentalism” is? Everyone should. It is a regressive, inaccurate, stigmatizing ideology that is a threat to the dignity and well-being of all adults who are not married and all children living in families not headed by two married parents. Really, it is a threat to everyone – including even married couples and their families – who care about basic values of equality, autonomy, interdependence, multiculturalism, and respect for the many important people in our lives.

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Serious Illness? Why You May Need an Independent Board-Certified Patient Advocate. Guest Post by Ailene Gerhardt

[Bella’s intro: Soon after Joan DelFattore and I published an article, “How single people are shortchanged in the health care system,” at my “Living Single” blog at Psychology Today, I heard from Ailene Gerhardt, who described to me the importance of having a trained advocate on your side if a serious illness sucks you or someone you are caring for into the medical system vortex. I found what she had to say so compelling, I asked if she would share what she has learned with the readers of this blog. I am grateful to her for agreeing. If you have other questions after reading this, the information and links in the “About the Author” section at the end may help. You can also read more about health care and illness in the lives of single people here.]

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