Online Guide by Topic, and Singlism Update

Two quick notes. Last year, I wrote a post for Living Single in which I gathered some links to previous posts and listed them by topic. I just added a new category, SOLITUDE, and updated some of the other ones. Click here for the updated version. It now includes these topics:

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Quick Guide to Having No Problems

Beach just north of Summerland

My older brother, who does some moderating of focus groups, shared a story with me from a Marketing Research Review journal called Quirk’s. Apparently (I’ve never been in a focus group), the process typically begins with introductions. In the group in question, three women went first and described their kids, spouse, and pets. Then came the person who had no such people or pets in her life.

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Did You Notice the New Yorker Line Drawings This Week?

Cover by J. J. Sempe

I actually don’t read the New Yorker only for the cartoons. I also look at the line drawings. These days, they are thematic, sometimes telling a story of sort as they amble across the pages of an issue. This week, the first drawing in the series caught my attention – it was a stick figure, on p. 26, of an adult holding a sign that said, “I’m happy to be single.”

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Friendsight: What Friends Know that Others Don’t

I usually do not cross-post from my Living Single blog. Instead, I write different posts for Psychology Today and All Things Single, with the latter sometimes a bit more personal. In case there are people who read this blog but not my Living Single blog, I wanted to repost about Friendsight: What Friends Know that Others Don’t.

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Singles Empowerment Workshop: Guest Post by Rachel Buddeberg

When I discovered the book “The Challenge of Being Single,” I was excited to find a book that was helpful for navigating our couple-centric world. Marie Edwards’ book grew out of workshops she offered for singles to overcome their shame and learn to be comfortably single. It was published in 1974. These workshops are no longer offered, though her Singles Manifesto still rings very true. It still very much is a challenge to be single. So, I decided to offer a workshop inspired by Edwards’ work but also informed by newer research by Bella DePaulo and Kay Trimberger. I call this workshop a Singles Empowerment Workshop.

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