It Is Happening – Please Share Your Thoughts!

What’s happening? Two things – National Singles Week (Sunday September 18 – Saturday September 24) and the new website that will aggregate feeds from enlightened singles blogs, provide resources, and more. I’d love to have a few words of wisdom from readers to include in a blog post to run during Singles Week, and I welcome one more round of feedback on the name and contents of the new site.

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Multiplying Our Influence, Expanding Our Reach: Update on New Singles Site

In late July, I shared my thoughts here about creating a new website aggregating voices and resources for singles interested in living their single lives rather than becoming unsingle. Since then, several dozen comments have been contributed to that post, and other people have emailed me with their ideas. Rhona has been helping me compile the suggestions made by others, and she has also been finding examples of other aggregator sites. (Thanks, Rhona!)

In addition to the substantive suggestions, the advice has come in two emotional flavors – enthusiastic and cautionary. I think a lot of singles like the idea of having one place where people can find lots of different bloggers who share positive perspectives on single life, and where we can gather other information and resources. The words of caution tell me that this can take a tremendous amount of time (I’m willing to contribute a lot of that), and cost money (I don’t have a lot of that), and that there will be little chance of monetizing it in any non-trivial way. The site will require expertise in marketing and promotion (which I don’t have) and web design skills (which I also don’t have).

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Friends Step In: What Can Happen When You Are Single and Seriously Ill

Today on the Today show website, there is a story, “Single and seriously ill: Care circles fill in for family.” There you can read about “Lucy’s Angels,” the 49 friends who helped Lucy Whitworth when she was diagnosed with cancer. The author, Rita Rubin, also points readers to a book called Share the Care about organizing care circles, and a website,, for arranging the scheduling.

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