Travel in Style with a Party Bus [SPONSORED CONTENT]

The summer is here, and with it come all the best parties and the best music festivals. Get your friends and head out to whatever event caught your attention. However, getting to these parties and festivals can be a bit of a drag. Spending hours on end in a boring bus or a train can really dampen your enthusiasm. And flights are potentially even worse, with the wait and the cramped seats. Chances are you are going to be physically separated from your friends for the duration of the trip, too. What you need is a way to keep the party spirit alive even during the trip. There’s no better way to do that than with a party bus.

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Older Single People: Here’s What We Know

According to the prevailing cultural narratives, single people in later life have two big things going against them: They are single and they are old. Now focus on the older single women and you have the trifecta: They are single, they are old, and they are women! If conventional wisdom got its way, they would be doing terribly. But guess what? They are not. There are real challenges, for women and men, to aging in an ageist and singlist society. Considering what they are up against, it is remarkable how well older single people are doing.


Lifelong Single People: Here’s What We Know

The number of single people has been growing for more than a half-century. Of all Americans who are unmarried, the biggest proportion of them, by far, are people who have never been married. Yet not much research has focused specifically on this group. Maybe that’s in part because the percentage of people who stayed single all their life has, in the past, been fairly small. But that may be changing.



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