Critiques of Marriage

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There are so many ways to critique marriage. Should it even exist? Should it be reformed? Should the government get out of the marriage business? Here are a few of my writings on the topic. Many of them draw from the critiques of other scholars.

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Singles Advocacy and the Issue of Privilege

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Single people have yet to have their moment as a political force. That’s unfortunate, as there are so many ways that they are denied the benefits and protections accorded to people who are married. Here are links to discussions of advocacy, activism, and issues facing singles; the legal and financial costs of single life; politics and voting; matters of privilege; and more.

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Divorce, Widowhood, and Remarriage

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Much of my writing about single life is about people who have always been single, or about all unmarried people, regardless of whether they have always been single or have previously been married. But I do occasionally write specifically about people who are divorced and people who are widowed. Here are some of those articles, along with some writings on remarriage.

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