In September 2018, I was invited to participate in a lively festival of philosophy and music, “How the Light Gets In,” in London. Featured speakers included a lot of famous people and me. I gave a talk, “Single people are doing so much better than you realized: Is it because they are free?” and participated in a debate, “Love, life, and being free.” The videos have not yet been posted online. In the meantime (or in case they never are), I thought I’d share here some excerpts from my talk and my answers to some of the questions that were discussed in the debate.

We were given the debate questions in advance, so I prepared my answers. During the actual debate, I did not have a chance to make all of the points that you can read here.

If video links are ever made available, I’ll add them.

Are single people happy because they are free?

The rise of single people: Why some find it scary

Very smart people are still asking very insulting questions about single people

Do we need lifelong love to achieve happiness?

3 condescending comments single people often hear and what I say in response

The great unraveling: How marriage liberated us by coming undone

The good life in the 21st century: living single

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