Want to know who is blogging about single life? Below is the list I’ve put together. I have not included blogs that have not been updated for a while. A few of these are not exactly blogs, but they are close enough.

I’m sure there are many blogs I do not know about. I’d be happy to add them to this list (as long as they are not blogs that focus only on dating). Just send the relevant information to me at belladepaulo@gmail.com.

The blogs are listed alphabetically, except for my own — I put those at the bottom of the list. 

Adventures Around the World

By Heather


By Francesca Specter

The Awkward Spinster

By Fawn Kemble 

Boldly Go Solo

By Ellen Perlman

Fabulously Single Life

By Daniele

First Person Singular

By Wendy Braitman

The Future of 40

By Hannah Anstee

Glamorously Single and Unemployed

By Sonia Jain

Good Bachelorhood

By Michael Patrick

The Happy Bachelor

By Craig Wynne

Happy Singlehood

By Elyakim Kislev

HIV+ since birth, Aromantic, Asexual, Black~ Dating Politics: Navigating my place in the ‘romantic’ world

By Positively Positive

It’s All About Balance

By April McCaffery

Joyfully Solo

By Kendra Heath

Karen Henninger

By Karen Henninger

Keturah Kendrick on Medium

By Keturah Kendrick

The Living Well Alone Project

By Hannah Carmichael


By Nouseibah Elobeid


By Christina Campbell

The Penny Whistler

By Katie Wallis

Pensionista: Life after 70

By Tessa Calvert-Linnell

 Protagonist Academy

By Sabrina Liverpool


By Sasha Cagen

Secure Single

By James, Dina, and Beth

Shani Silver’s blog at Medium

By Shani Silver

Single Serve – Cooking for One

By Louise Harper

A Single Story

By Addy Adewusi

The Single Supplement

By Nicola Slawson

Singular City

By Kim Calvert

SOAR: Solitude, Alone, and Resilient

By Netta Weinstein

Solo Not Sorry

By Christine

Singular City

By Kim Calvert

Status Single Stories

By Sreemoyee Piu Kundu

Suddenly Single Again

By Dorothy Ellis

Yael Wolfe’s blog at Medium

By Yael Wolfe

Bella DePaulo’s blogs:

Living Single” blog at Psychology Today

All Things Single (and More)” here on this website

My writings at Medium (many are included in the “Noteworthy” publication)

Monthly column at Unmarried Equality

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