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Single people have yet to have their moment as a political force. That’s unfortunate, as there are so many ways that they are denied the benefits and protections accorded to people who are married. Here are links to discussions of advocacy, activism, and issues facing singles; the legal and financial costs of single life; politics and voting; matters of privilege; and more.


Advocacy, activism, and issues: Single people in the U.S.

Fairness for single people: New initiative for calling out unfair and fair practices

Where’s our singles movement?

Unmarried Status Is a Diversity Issue

Stopping singlism: What will work?

Should marriage be a ticket to privilege? Several dozen skeptics weigh in

Without unmarried equality, gender equality is not enough

Naming it matters: ‘Singlism,” ‘matrimania,’ and their journey into our awareness

Now it’s really time for unmarried equality

You have no right to be single

Beyond happiness: What single people really need (legal protections)

Financial vulnerability is about more than money

It is time for singles to stop subsidizing couples: Guest post by Joan DelFattore

At Vassar event, only married people are allowed to bring a guest

3 Roads to Social Justice – For Lasting Change, We Must Follow Them All

The Marriage Opportunists Are Coming – We Need to Be Prepared

Singlism: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How to Stop It (especially Section IV, “Stopping Singlism”);

Singled Out, Chapter 12: “Let’s give all the perks, benefits, gifts, and cash to couples and call it family values.”

Legal and Financial Costs of Single Life

Unearned privilege: 1,000+ laws benefit only married people

21 ways single people are taxed more than married people on tax day and every other day

Only legally married people get these benefits and protections

Can you name the 1,238 federal hat tips to marriage? Guest post by Onely

Singles have fewer benefits than married couples — but are slowly gaining more

Nearing retirement and nearly broke: Economic discrimination against singles adds up

This is what it costs to be single

Getting married and getting more money

The fight for same-sex marriage and the implications for single people

Gay marriage ruling is matrimaniacal, shames single people

SCOTUS legalizes same-sex marriage: Wiser views than those of the justices

SCOTUS unwittingly makes the case for singles’ rights

Does the Prop 8 ruling make the case for ending marital privilege?

Misleading claims about marriage slip into the Prop 8 ruling

Tireless advocate for marriage equality now wants equality for singles

Same-sex couples? Why should you have to be any kind of couple to qualify for benefits and protections?

Singles advocacy and issues beyond the U.S.

The Global Struggle for Unmarried Equality: The Case of Finland

Singles in Finland – no shrinking violets!

Singlism in Finland is causing a stir

Politics and voting

Sex and the single voter (New York Times)

What’s in it for women? vs. What’s in it for my husband?

Mike Pence’s embrace of the Billy Graham rule is especially unfair to single women

Single voters should rule, but will they?

Anyone want a few million more votes?

Singlism as a political dog whistle?

Newt Gingrich’s marital hypocrisy

Rush Limbaugh and the single woman voter

Should the spouse of Clarence Thomas get to form a political lobbying group?

Ted Kennedy and the missing spouse

Here’s what happens when you taunt single women

Ed Rendell says Janet Napolitano has no life because she is single!

Marriage education and marriage promotion programs: Do they work?

Marriage and relationship education programs: Do they work?

Selling marriage in the mainstream media

I complain about the over-hyping of marriage education, and the NPR ombudsman listens

The Marriage Opportunists Are Coming – We Need to Be Prepared

Privilege for married people, sex partners, and nuclear families

Do you, married person, take these unearned privileges for better or for better? (with Rachel Buddeberg)

Check your marital privilege (with Lisa Arnold, Rachel Buddeberg, and Christina Campbell)

Unearned privilege: 1,000+ laws benefit only married people

Marital privilege: It’s not just a courtroom thing

Sex partner privilege: Similar to white privilege, male privilege, and heterosexual privilege?

Nuclear family privilege: Naming it and slaying it

Misc topics

The microaggressions of single life

Housing Discrimination against People Who Are Not Married: What We Just Don’t Get

Unmarried Americans as home buyers and home creators

Is your life worth less if you are single or have no children?

How to make life fair for everyone, not just those following the straight and narrow

Who counts as family and why should (only) family count?

Required to hear false information – and pay for it – in order to divorce?

How to sap the power from insults (embrace the words – e.g., queer)

Who’s afraid of single people? (blaming singles for the break-down of society)

Marriage fraud

My singles agenda (and how to make sure it continues after I’m gone)


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