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How many single people are there? Are more American adults married or unmarried? How many people are staying single for life? What about rates of remarrying? These and many other demographic trends – along with discussions of their meanings – have been topics of my writings. Here are some links.

Demographics: Number of Single People, Rates of Remarrying, etc., and What It All Means

Around the world, marriage is declining, singlehood is rising

Record number of Americans are single, and most unmarried Americans have never been married

Are there more lifelong single women or men?

If and when they marry, adults in the U.S. are older than ever before

America is a singles nation – or is it?

What has changed for single Americans in the past decade?

Are married people really outnumbered? Does it matter?

Record number of Americans will stay single for life

A 7-year profile of people who are single

How old are people when they first get married?

Living single longer is a global phenomenon

Wedding porn doesn’t turn us on: Age at first marriage has never been higher

Reports of new Census data on marriage

7 stunning ways life was different in the 1960s

What is the divorce rate, really?

Divorce rates have fallen, but not among Boomers

Big sex difference in filing for divorce

Another spin on the marriage-go-round: New data on Americans who marry over and over again

One married, twice shy: Remarriage rates are plummeting

Where singles live: is it really in cities?

How likely is it that you will get married if you have never been married?


What is the meaning of these demographic trends?

A half-century of fewer people marrying: What explains it?

Half of single people don’t want a romantic relationship or even a date

What single women really want

What makes you an adult? New answers for a new era

How many Americans want to be single? Results from 5 studies

Why does it seem like everyone is married when there are more than 100 million single people?

Why do we glorify marriage when record numbers are single?

Marriage once mattered in big, important ways – but it doesn’t anymore

How many married or partnered people wish they were single?

The 2nd most popular question asked of Google

The state of singles in the U.S.

Bestselling author calls the rise of singles a BDD – big demographic deal

The meaning of marrying late in the context of our long lives

The end of marriage

Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever After

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