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I’m delighted to announce that, as of April of 2015, I am now writing a monthly column for Unmarried Equality (UE), an advocacy group that has been “standing up for fairness and equal treatment of all people regardless of marital status since 1998.”

I’ll post the links to those columns here, with the most recent ones on top. At the UE site, the column is called “Bella’s Blog.”

Vote, Unmarried Americans! And How We All Need to Watch Our Language

How South Korean businesses are accommodating, not shaming, singles who live alone

Do Unmarried Americans Have the Same Opportunities to Opt-Out during the Pandemic?

Singles More Likely to Go Hungry During COVID-19, and Not Just Because They Have Less Money

Black Americans Hit Especially Hard by Discrimination Against the Unmarried

Discrimination against Unmarried People: Is It Legitimated by the Deficit Narrative of

       Single Life?

Care Provider Was Given Riskier Duties Because She Was Unmarried with No Children

Unmarried Voters Are Getting Ignored by Presidential Candidates, the Media, and the Polls

The New Paid Family Leave Laws Seriously Shortchange Single Parents

Medicaid Expansion Helped More Married Than Unmarried Adults

Have Liberals Already Conceded that Conservatives Were Right about Marriage?

Quick – How Many Kids, by How Many Wives, Does Trump Have? The Matter of Family Privilege

Women’s Groups Are Marginalizing and Stereotyping Single Women: New Study

Need a Transplant? You Better Be Married

Attaining Unmarried Equality: Does #MeToo Offer Any Lessons?

Our Goals and Values Are More Inclusive But the Marriage Fundamentalists Have More Power

Powerful New Report Makes the Case Against Marriage Fundamentalism and for Unmarried Equality

Working Families: The Language Is a Problem and So Are the Policies

Contributing to the Rise of Single People: A Global Increase in Rates of Divorce

What Kind of a Year was 2018 for Unmarried Americans?

How Obamacare Improved the Lives of Single People

Congressional Representatives Least Likely to Support Trump’s Agenda Have Highest Proportion of Never-Married Constituents in Their Districts

From Marriage as One-Stop Shopping to Creating Your Own Life, Piece by Piece

Martin Duberman Explains Why Marriage Equality Was Too Small a Dream

When You Hear “Success Sequence,” Think “Marriage Propaganda”

Unmarried Americans, is it wrong to complain about the small stuff? (Microaggressions in single life)

How unmarried people are ignored even by those who should be paying attention

Please Don’t Make Us Marry to Get Legal Protections, Say Different-Sex Couples in the UK

Fairness for Single People: New Initiative for Calling Out Unfair and Fair Practices

Less Marriage, More Equality?

Great Labor Market? Not for Single People

6 Married Therapists Spent 18 Months Confronting Their Own Biases Against Single Women

Israeli Scholar Calls for the Politicization of Singlehood

How Kindness and Customs Contribute to the Wealth Advantage of People Who Marry: The Example of Weddings

The Injustices of Unmarried Life Have Been Named, and the Terms Are Sticking

The “Premier Family Form”: Ideology, Shaming, and the Misleading Use of Science

New Survey Shows Openness Toward Diverse Family Forms. Will Nondiscriminatory Policies Follow?

Why Unmarried Women, More Often Than Married Women, Vote for Democrats: New Research Suggests a New Answer

Social Security Massively Favors Married and Previously Married People

The Myth that Married People Are Superior: Challenge It at Your Peril

Taxing Singles More Than Couples: It Is Hard to Find a Country with a Bigger Disparity than the U.S.

Comprehensive Unmarried Equality Must Include Parental Rights for Friends

A Victory for Unmarried Cohabiting Couples in a Time of Horrifyingly Discriminatory Proposals

Will Same-Sex Marriage Undermine One of the Best Things the LGBT Community Gave to the World?

Banning Adults without Children from Playgrounds: Disturbing Implications about the Place of Single People in America 

How to Make Things Better for Unmarried Americans – with No Help Forthcoming from the Federal Government

What Unmarried Americans Want

How Unmarried Americans Fare as Home Buyers: Single Women, Single Men, and Unmarried Couples

How the Important People in the Lives of Unmarried Americans Are Shortchanged

We the Unmarried: Universities Just Aren’t into Us, and That Needs to Change

The Subversive Implication of Same-Sex Marriage that No One Predicted

Journalists and Social Scientists Glorify Married People. Will We All Look Back in Shame?

Why Is Marriage Still So Glorified When So Many People Are Not Married?

Beyond the Nuclear Family: New Policies and Practices Are Needed for the Way We Live Now

How the Washington Post (Almost) Published a Week of Respectful Articles about Unmarried Life

Unmarried Status Is a Diversity Issue

Unmarried Americans as Home Buyers and Home Creators

The Right to Be Single

Nuclear family privilege: Naming it and slaying it

Is Marriage a Greedy Institution?

Housing Discrimination Against People Who Are Not Married: What We Just Don’t Get

Now It’s Really Time for Unmarried Equality

3 Roads to Social Justice — For Lasting Change, We Must Follow Them All

The Global Struggle for Unmarried Equality: The Case of Finland

The Marriage Opportunists Are Coming – We Need to Be Prepared (In this first column, there were technical challenges at the UE site, so you can find this column with better formatting and all the links here.)

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