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Every time I learn about a new claim that getting married makes people happier or healthier or more connected or live longer (and all the rest), I go to the original research report to see what the findings really did say. The media — and sadly, many social scientists — routinely get it wrong. No, getting married does not cause  you to become lastingly happier or healthier or better off in any way than if you stayed single (well, you do get more money because of all the laws and practices that benefit married people and discriminate against singles).

Here (below), you can find links to all my critiques of these studies. I’ll keep adding more as new claims hit the media that I need to debunk. I’ve also put together 2 books of my writings explaining why all those Marriage Wins claims are so wrong. Marriage vs. Single Life: How Science and the Media Got It So Wrong includes a chapter previously available only in an expensive edited volume, a new paper that is the most powerful and comprehensive explanation of what the research does and does not show about the implications of getting married, plus 39 other brief chapters (many from my blogs). Because I think that new powerful and comprehensive paper is so important, I have made it into a stand-alone book (together with an introduction) in The Science of Marriage: What We Know That Just Isn’t So. (Both are available both as paperbacks and as ebooks. You can read more about them here.) My first book, Singled Out, also includes discussions and explanations of what’s wrong with the claims of married people’s superiority.

Below are collections of links critiquing myths about getting married and getting happier, healthier, etc. (Also check out, “Everything you think you know about single people is wrong.”) Under “Other Topics” (below) you can find collections of writings on all sorts of aspects of single life. I also discuss single people and single life in many of my books, such as Singled Out: How Singles Are Stereotyped, Stigmatized, and Ignored, and Still Live Happily Ever AfterHow We Live Now: Redefining Home and Family in the 21st CenturyThe Best of Single Lifeand others you can find here.

Myth-Busting about Single Life

On getting married and (not) getting happier: What we know

Getting married and (not) getting healthy: What decades of research really shows

Debunking the myth that married people live longer

Single people are caring, connected, attached, and unselfish

Single parents and their children: Don’t believe the prophesies of doom

Adults with no kids: Naming, shaming, and talking back to the shaming

Getting married and (not) getting sex

Getting married and getting more money

Other Topics

How we live now

21 century living arrangements

Living alone

The best of single life

Single at heart

The real reasons for living single



Some basics about single life


Defining single and naming different categories of singles

Single men

Divorce, widowhood, remarriage

Singles advocacy and why we need it

Singles advocacy and the issue of privilege

How singles are celebrated and shamed

Singles in different domains and different places

The workplace

Research and teaching

Religions and places of worship

Advertising, marketing, and business


Health care and illness

The military and foreign service

Popular culture (TV, movies, books, and magazines)

Singles around the world

We need to rethink these matters

Single for the holidays

Singles and their pets


Critiquing marriage

Totally off-topic

Here’s what I know about lying and detecting lies

A Few Books about Single Life

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For links to all of my books, click here.

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