Solteros_sealados, Singled Out in SpanishI sometimes get inquiries from people asking if some book of mine is available in some other language. It always breaks my heart when I have to say that it is not. That changed when I discovered a site that is a true treasure for translators and authors like me who want their books translated. Babelcube is a platform where authors can list books they would like to have translated and translators can find books they want to translate.

In this post, I will describe: (1) any available discounts of my Babelcube books (2) my books that have already been translated using Babelcube, with pictures of the covers, and links to places where you can find the books; (3) more about my experiences with Babelcube and how it works; and (4) other books of mine that have been translated into other languages by other publishers.

  • Ongoing Discounts at Babelcube

The most recent discounts are available for 7 days, starting on December 15, 2016. If those dates have already passed, check this space for the next period when my Babelcube books will be on sale.

  • Books Translated Using Babelcube

All of my Babelcube books are available as e-books. The Spanish version of The Best of Single Life is also available in paperback (as well as the e-book format).

(You can find links to all the English versions of all of my books here.)

The Hows and Whys of Lies

(3 translations, below, Portuguese and Spanish and Italian)

Hows and Whys, Kindle, PortugueseThe Hows and Whys of Lies, Portuguese translation (above)

e cover, Spanish Hows WhysThe Hows and Whys of Lies, Spanish translation (above).


The Hows and Whys of Lies, Italian translation (above).


When the Truth Hurts: Lying to Be Kind

When the Truth Hurts, PortugueseWhen the Truth Hurts: Lying to Be Kind, Portuguese translation (above)


Behind the Door of Deceit: Understanding the Biggest Liars in Our Lives

(3 translations, below, Portuguese and Spanish and Italian):

Door of Deceit, PortuguesePortuguese translation (above)

Door of Deceit, SpanishSpanish translation (above)

Ital Door2, use this ebook coverItalian translation (above)


The Best of Single Life 

(3 translations, Spanish and Portuguese and Italian, as shown below)

cover, Best of Single Life, SpanishThe Best of Single Life, Spanish translation (above), is available as an e-book and as a paperback.

cover, Best of Single Life, PortugueseThe Best of Single Life, Portuguese translation (see above), is available as an e-book and will soon be available in paperback.


The Best of Single Life, Italian translation (see above), is available as an e-book.


Singled Out

Solteros_sealados, Singled Out in SpanishSingled Out has been translated into Spanish! The ebook is here. [See below for translations of Singled Out into other languages, not by Babelcube]


Single, No Children: Who Is Your Family


Single, No Children: Who Is Your Family? Spanish translation (above)

Above, I have used the links to, but books translated at Babelcube are also automatically made available at many other places. Mine are available here:

  1. Amazon in other countries, such as Spain and Brazil, as well as
  2. Barnes & Noble
  3. Apple
  4. Google Play
  5. Kobo
  6. Scribd
  7. Baker & Taylor
  8. Overdrive
  9. 3M
  10. Chegg
  11. Follet
  12. Gardners
  13. Page Foundry
  14. Tolino

Also, even though my books so far have only been translated into Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian, there are other languages available at Babelcube:

  1. Afrikaans
  2. Dutch
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Japanese
  6. Norwegian
  7. (as well as Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and English)
  •  More about Babelcube

Babelcube’s FAQ section tells you more about how the process works. Basically, authors list their books, translators search those books for one they want to translate, then offer to do it. They provide a sample translation to help authors decide whether to accept the translator’s offer. Once the entire book is translated and the translation is accepted by the author, the book is published on Amazon and all of the other sites listed above.

Authors pay nothing for this. Translators get no money up front. (Authors also get no advance.) Pay comes from sales of the book. Profits from each sale are split among the translator, author, and Babelcube, as shown here.

As for my personal experience, my bottom line is that I am delighted that this service is available. With Singled Out, my agent handled international rights but after he died, those rights reverted to me. I had none of the contacts or experience that my agent had, so I was at a loss as to how to make Singled Out (and my other books) available in other languages. Babelcube was great for that.

I think they are fairly new, so I hope there will be some developments in the future:

  • I want to browse other books that have been translated there, to see what they look like, how they are priced, who translated them, etc. But authors have no access to any of that.
  • I’d also like to see all the translators registered at Babelcube. That’s not possible, either.
  • The Babelcube “team” seems to consist of only two people. There is a “contact” option, and when I use it to ask my various questions, sometimes I hear back fairly soon but other times it takes a few days. Every question does get answered eventually, though.
  • In the process of getting a book translated, the translator, using the Babelcube platform, first sends a sample translation of a brief excerpt, then sends the translation of the first 10 pages, and finally, the entire book. But none of this is saved on the Author’s page. So the author has to save everything to her own computer each time to be sure to have access to it in the future.
  • Other than offering the possibility of discounting books for up to 7 days every month (which, by the way, is better than Amazon’s Kindle Countdown Deals, which can be made available only once every 90 days), there are no promotional opportunities made available by Babelcube. Sometimes a translator has a Facebook page or some other way of getting the word out, but otherwise, I don’t know how to let potential readers of Portuguese or Spanish (or any other language) that my books are available.

Other Translations of My Books and Blog Posts by Other Publishers

Living Single Cover-ChineseA collection of my blog posts from Psychology Today has been published in Chinese as an e-book under the title Living Single (see above). There is also an English version available at a Chinese site. Publisher is Douban.

Douban is also working on a Chinese translation of The Hows and Whys of Lies as an e-book. I’ll post the link once the book is available.

Other Publishers Besides Douban

Korean transla of Singled Out as Singlism, printSingled Out was given the title “Singlism” (above) in a Korean translation

Here are the translations of Singled Out into Chinese (print versions):

Chinese transl of Singled Out, print, 20132013 Chinese print version (above)

Chinese transl of Singled Out, print2009 Chinese print version (above)

Singled Out is currently being translated into Japanese in four parts. The first part is now available as an e-book:

Japanese I Singled OutJapanese translation of Singled Out, e-book, Part 1 (above)

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